HAND & BODY LOTION - with Oils of Jojoba & Sweet Almond

PRICE:  C$7.50 / RETAIL: C$7.99  - 120 ml/4.0 fl.oz. - Amber Plastic Bottle (bullet) with Treatment Pump
PRICE:  C$4.50 / RETAIL: C$4.99 - 60 ml/2.0 fl.oz. - Amber Plastic Bottle (bullet) with Treatment Pump
PRICE:  C$2.50 / RETAIL: C$2.99 - 30 ml/1.0 fl.oz. - Amber Plastic Bottle (bullet/slim).  Purse/Travel Size.

Available in Fragrances of:
Violet Pansies - Black Pearl - Citrus Mist - Honeysuckle - Love Potion - Strawberry & Banana - Lavender - Pear (pictured).

Superb Hand & Body lotion with oils of Jojoba and Sweet Almond.  Moisturizing and very Skin Softening!
Helps restore beauty and radiance.  The perfect balance to soften and soothe all types of dry skin.

Spring is around the corner... and so are our fragrances!
Very real Carnation - Lilac - Lily of the Valley scents just for you!

Excellent Lightweight and Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

Pesticide-Free - Paraben-Free

Phthalate-Free - Solvent-Free

Superb blend of Jojoba Oil and infused Sweet Almond Oil along with your favourite flower fragrance!

Contains Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oils. Luxurious - Helps restore beauty and radiance. The perfect balance to soften and soothe all types of dry skin.

Smooth after-feel without all the ingredients of our Premium Hand Lotion.
Contains Natural Triglycerides from Palm and Coconut Oils... giving it rich emollient properties, and is over 96% Natural.