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The Power Eyes combines air pressure, heat compress, and vibration massage which can improve blood circulation around the eye area. This deep therapy helps speed up the metabolism process around the eyes. It also prevents eye disease, aging, and also helps eliminate dark circles and fine wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, it can also help you obtain a good quality night of sleep.

  • Eyeshade:Auto – adjustment on eyeshade to the shape of the face (thin, wide, short, and long)
  • Internal Low Pressure Air Bag:Safe and quiet low pressure air pump massages the eyes without pushing down on them.
  • Micro – Computer Digital Programming: Precise micro-computer programming allows for 15,10, and 5 minute intervals for use.
  • Nano- Energy Eyeshade: Precise anti-bacterial Far Infrared heat and anions
  • Air Pressure + Thermal Heat: Option to select different seismic vibration modes- Rub, Pich, Press, & Auto (combination of all 3) with Air Pressure and Heath (starting from 104 °F to 109 °F)

Close mask body on your face, hold strap with both hands behind your head and adjust as needed.

The latst technology in the world!

Power Eyes provides massage in combination FAR INFRARED heat and mechanical action in sequence of pressing, vibrating, pinching and rubbing to improve blood circulation around the eye area.

The therapy can speed up the metabolism process around the eyes... making you feel younger and revitalized!  It may eliminate dark circles and fine wrinkles around the eyes.  In addition, it can help you obtain good, quality sleep. 

- Improves blood circulation in the eye area
- Deep therapy promotes metabolism
- Increases oxygen to the eyes
- Delays signs of aging
- Eliminates dark circles and fine wrinkles

Product Advantages:
1 - Smart Controlling System:
     .  Micro-computer programming
     .  5-10-15 Minutes periodical control
     .  Relaxes tense muscles

2 - Air-Pressure + Thermal Therapy:
     .  Sequence of vibrations for rubbing and pinching
     .  Air pressure for pressing
     .  Far Infrared heat for thermal

Product Features:
- 3 levels of adjustable air pressure
- Far Infrared heat
- automatically adjusts to fit your face
- Auto/Manual set up with 7 kinds of massage combinations.

Who does Power Eyes Help?
- Children/Teenagers
- Computer Users
- Drivers
- The Elderly
- Young People

IMPORTANT INFORMATION when using this product:
- Do not use if you have had an eye operation, have glaucoma, have cataracts, a detachment of the retina, or any symptoms of eye disease. 

If you have experienced any serious ailments involving the eyes, only use this product under the care of a physician.

- Do not wash the eye mask with water.  If the mask needs cleaning, gently wipe with isopropyl alcohol.

- In order to keep the electrical circuit working properly, use alkaline batteries.

- For children 13 and under, this product should be used under the supervision of an adult.

- For the convenience of the entire family and for health considerations, place a tissue over the inner parts of the mask when using this product.

- When using this product, close your eyes and try to relax.  While relaxed, you can quickly restore your eyes to a healthy state.

To receive the greatest health benefits, use this product at least once a day - for about 15 minutes.


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