Here' a little about us...

 20-Year independent distributor in the Natural Health & Beauty Products industry...

We have been a registered company in business since 1979! 

All our products contain premium quality - 100% - approved - safe for cosmetic use - ingredients!   We believe in presenting you with the ultimate in freshest, highest quality, and effective products that will suit your needs. 

Products sold under our label are listed under the approval and safety standards of the Health Canada Government Agency.   Each product manufactured by us has a Health Canada Cosmetic Notification Form listing.  We NEVER, ever, use any animal ingredients or use anything that has been tested on animals.  Our labels contain a FULL and TRUE listing of ALL quantitative ingredients on each item with an expiry date (where needby).

We use only Health Canada/FDA approved preservatives... the lowest amounts in the majority of our products, and definitely in lotions and products containing water.  Preservatives are a pre-requisite in order to maintain product freshness and quality!  Even a small amount MUST be used!

Products boosting 100% or ALL NATURAL ingredients, are playing with your health! 

It takes just a few hours or days to generate enough bacteria to put a damper on the amount of living bacteriological organisms in your product.  Utmost care should be taken...  fingers should never be used inside jars - always use a clean spatula.

FRAGRANCES:  We generally do NOT use essential oils as "fragrances" because their therapeutic qualities/values may NOT may be well suited to specific individuals and specifically NOT to children or persons with certain or specific medical conditions!  We use ONLY premium quality, SAFE Synthetic, approved Health Canada/FDA approved cosmetic use fragrances in our products.

ESSENTIAL OILS:  We use essential oils only in our body massage preparations, or where the properties of said e/o is required.  

PROFESSIONAL & COSMETIC USE PRODUCTS:  All Our RMJ SPA products are high quality, Professional & Cosmetic Use products.   GREAT FOR YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS! 

INGREDIENTS:  We purchase our ingredients from INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED distributors with solid reputations and stringent quality standards.  Products sourced out only through ethical producers, organic growers and distillers!  Free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers...  to offer you the HIGHEST - and most NATURAL quality in skincare available anywhere today!  Distributors at the forefront in their technology and without doubt, the highest manufacturing standards with the greatest integrity in product quality available on the market today!

The majority of our products are available year-round!  Please contact us if you would like us to provide you with more information!

Great Products & Great Prices!  Enjoy yours today!


We strive to be as accurate as possible in the presentation of all our products.

Most of our graphics are enlarged to show detail so that you will know exactly what you are purchasing...  hense no surprises!

We guarantee 100% all product freshness and quality.

Our TRASH*THE ASH Lotion should be used within 3-months of purchase and should be refrigerated after opening to preserve product freshness and integrity; as this is a product made to order.


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1-lb/454g BRICK.
We're the ONLY distributor retailing the BRICK SHEA BUTTER in Quebec!
100% Pure & Natural Vegetable (Shea) Butter.  Available in 454g/1-lb brick.
We also retail smaller quantities in 60 mL and 120 mL pots.  Highest Quality Shea Butter on the market! 

Available in 60 mL at C$12.95 jar/pot.  Natural aroma and gold colour!  Very soft... great for your skin!  Moisturizes, Protects, and Revitalises!  Ask for your free sample with your next order!

:  15% Saving on all products!
Spa products containing authentic Heilmoor Black Mud (Germany).
Authentic SPA products for Professional and Home Use.

Head over to our site for additional items ("something else altogether") not found on this site!

COMING SOON... Summer 2016!
Dandilion Lotion and Dandilion Cream.
Available infused in Grapeseed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil - other oils.
A superb new addition to our line of products!   Fragrances available in Essential Oils (Sandalwood, Rose, Rosemary, Lavender) and/or Fragrances (approved for cosmetic use).

Anti-ageing Benefits:  Being rich in antioxidants, dandelions provide anti-ageing benefits, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines, age spots and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Besides nourishing your skin, this herb helps tone and firm up sagging and unbalanced skin.

Contact us if you have any questions!

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