Anti-Acne Facial Serum + Black Charcoal Soap Beauty Set

PRICE:  C$17.50 - Black (Activated) Charcoal Soap/Unscented (142 g) + Anti-Acne Facial Oil (15 ml).


Our Black Charcoal soap bar is Unscented - 100% Vegan - are an aid for people who have acne.
Made using Activated Charcoal ... commonly known for its detoxifying qualities - and strong deodorizing effects!
It is also the perfect soap for year-round usage.

ANTI-ACNE - FACIAL SERUM - 15 ml - All Skin Types

Available in three excellent skin care oil bases.
100% All Natural product using high quality skincare oils known for their balancing and moisturizing properties, along with necessary essential oils recommended to specifically calm and soothe irritation and also to speed healing.

No Chemicals - No Parabens - No Dyes - No Artificial Fragrances
Made in the Province of Quebec, Canada
Great blend of 100% All Natural Ingredients
Superb for your skin

We use 100% Pure Essential Oils as scent that are highly recommended for persons with troubled skin.

THREE BASE OILS to choose from...
1 - Hemp Seed Oil:
It has a Comedogenic rating of ZERO, and contains a whopping 60% Linoleic Acid!  And is amazing on skin!
Besides being great for acne-prone skin, it is also amazing at reducing visible signs of aging, replenishes, and protects the skin's natural moisture barrier, and improves skin texture.  Great for cosmetic use due to its high nutrients including omega fatty acids, and proteins to name a few!  Absorbs at an average speed leaving very little oily feel on the skin.   It is very important to use an oil with the LOWEST comedogenic rating... as clogged pores are a huge culprit to acne.

2 - Watermelon Seed Oil:
Concentrated source of anti-oxidants, Vitamins A and E to condition and brighten the skin!
Has a Comedogenic rating of ZERO.  Absorbs quickly without a greasy feel.  Dissolves sebum making it a great oil for getting rid of blackheads and other impurities in the skin.  Restores elasticity in dry, acne-prone, and maturing skin types as well.  Does not clog the pores and is well tolerated by most skin types.

3 - 50/50 blend of Hemp Seed Oil and Watermelon Seed Oil:
A superb blend of both worlds - Best choice if you can't decide.

Lavender: Kills acne-causing bacteria - Reduces inflammation. An aid in reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Frankincense:  Anti-microbial.  Strong anti-inflammatory properties, soothes and cools acne-inflamed skin.  Clears clogged pores and other blemishes.

Lemongrass:  Kills acne-causing bacteria - Reduces inflammation - Reduce the frequency of outbreaks

Rosemary:  Kills acne-causing bacteria - Reduces inflammation. Astringent - opens pores.

Tea Tree:  An aid to mild to moderate forms of acne...blackheads, whiteheads, papules and postules.
Anti-bacterial - Anti-Inflammatory.

With all essential oils and blends - you should consult a medical doctor before use if you are pregnant or sick.
Keep out of reach of children.  It is best to test on your wrist or any other small area before you apply it to your face - to ensure that you are not sensitive or allergic to the ingredients.