Aroma Air Fresheners...  Great way to scent your air space!  Very fragrant!

PRICE:  C$4.99 / Sachet / CODE:  RMJ-623 / Sachet size: 3"x4"


Can be used as air fresheners in cars, closets, lockers, drawers, luggage, offices, near kitty litter boxes, in gym bags or gym shoes.. this list goes on and on!

They also make great gifts and/or in gift baskets.

Place in a sunny area (e.g. sunny window) for a stronger fragrance release!

Sachets are 3"x4" - filled with scented crushed corn cob fibers.
We only use high quality fragrance oils - same as the ones in our candles and tarts.

Available Aromas - More Fragrances Coming!

- Oakmoss & Cedarwood
- Bergamot & Mandarin
- Black Cherry
- Cedarwood
- Lavander & Sage
- Eucalyptus Lavender
- Man Cave
- Muskoka Lodge

We do custom orders... got a favourite fragrance that is not listed?  Contact us!