Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub - Great for Face, Hand & Body

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PRICE:  C$13.00 / REG:  C$15.00 - 60 mL / CODE:
PRICE:  C$26.00 / REG:  C$30.00 - 120 ml / CODE:  


This is a limited product - Buy before it's dry!

Recommended for all skin types.  Refresh - Refine - Sooth

Contains Aloe Very & Natural Bamboo Beads.
Does NOT contain synthetic micro-beads that damage the environment!

This scrub is remarkably gentle and soothing.  Achieve radiant, smooth, and silky skin.

An effective, yet gentle exfoliating scrub with natural Bamboo Beads that will help slough away dead skin cells allowing fresh new ones to emerge.  

Softening and revitalizing these natural Bamboo Beads gently buff and polish the skin, reducing impurities and cellular debris.

Regular exfoliation invigorates dull and lifeless skin and revitalizes circulation - leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

Zen fragranced with floral top notes and sandalwood & Patchouli base notes - along with a tiny hint of Citrus!