Monthly - Bi-Monthly - Sampler Packs...

     - C$25.00 per pack - 5 Large size items

     - C$12.50 per pack - 5 Small (sample) size items - Identical to Large size

Whether one month they are INTL RMJ or RMJ GIFT items...  You're sure to Enjoy!

A super great way to try out our products at great prices!

A great way to try some of our best selling products at special prices in a "Monthly Sample Pack"!

The perfect travel companion - or as a "hospitality gift box.  Enjoy an all-in-one beauty care or a home gift pack...!

Monthly Sample Pack - Our regular size beauty products range from 15 g to 120 g / dependent upon item.

We've put together convenient beauty care packs (kits) that contain our most effective and bestselling face and body care products and comparatively priced Home Gift Packs.

All because we want you to see what a difference our skincare line can make for your skin.
Giving you improved appearance, condition, and texture for your skin.

Soothe and Calm irritated skin - Heal and Restore - All the while Hydrating and Revitalizing your skin with a natural healthy glow!

Products here use low-level preservatives (for stability, compatibility, spoilage, and safety).
Never any animal tested and mild on all skin types!

Offering... Beauty Products... Skin Care - Body Care - Bath / Home & Gift items

Face Care - Sampler Pack - All Skin Types
July-August 2021 / Code: RMJ-SP-100


PRICE:  C$25.00 - Large size products

- Facial Botanical Cleanser - 60 ml
- Facial Botanical Firming Toner - 60 ml
- Day Cream - Daily Moisturizing Cream - 30 g
- Night Cream - Nightly Moisturizing Cream - 30 g
- Vitamin C Serum 30 g

PRICE:  C$12.50 - Travel Size (sample size products)_

- Facial Botanical Cleanser - 30 ml
- Facial Botanical Firming Toner - 30 ml
- Day Cream - Daily Moisturizing Cream - 15 g
- Night Cream - Nightly Moisturizing Cream - 15 g
- Vitamin C Serum - 15 g

Facial Botanical Cleanser:
Gentle with superb emollience and mild foaming action.  Skin conditioning botanicals and active properties.

Facial Botanical Firming Toner:
Contains Tamarind Seed Extract, botanicals, extracts, marine minerals and protein to help improve firmness.

Day Cream - Daily Moisturizing Cream:
Moisturizing but light - great for daily use.

Night Cream - Nightly Moisturizing Cream:
Greater moisturizing properties with a higher emollient level.

Vitamin C Serum:
100% Natural + Multi-Functional Performance as an Exfoliant, Anti-Oxidant - and Skin brightening with Anti-aging properties.