Shea Butter Extravaganza!  Everything Shea...

All our Shea Butters are - 100% Pure & Natural - Unrefined/Raw - Certified Organic - Community Certified Fair Trade

Rich in Vitamin A, E and F (Fatty Acids).
Wholesome and nourishing - no chemicals or additives, no animal testing, no harsh industrial processes.

Moisturizes Skin - Soothes Sunburn - Dry Skin - Skin rash - Protection against Cold Weather - Stop Insect Bites from Itching

- Helps with Stretch Marks - Helps Soothe Burns - Helps with Inflammation.

Why does it help?  Shea Butter contains a good deal of Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  Has proven anti-inflammatory and

anti-microbial properties.

Hand-crafted, community sourced and amazing quality
Every purchase creates income for hard-working women in Ghana.  

Because Shea Butter does not clog your skin... it's the perfect choice for almost all skin types!

We offer Shea Butter... Cream... Lotion...  Body Butter...  Lip Balm... and as a single ingredient Shea Butter in a pot or brick.

There are also two types of Shea Butter...  Golden and Ivory.

All GOLDEN SHEA BUTTER that we retail is given it's colour by the addition of BORUTUTU TREE ROOT - which is added during the boiling process in Africa; the addition of this root may stain.  This tree is known in Africa to have healing elements and anti-oxidants.  Both Golden and Ivory shea butters are excellent products - and one is not necessarily more processed more than the other.

IVORY shea butter can basically be used for a diaper rash or in a diaper rash cream - because it does not stain.

All shea butter comes in various tints of ivory - never yellow.  If it's yellow - colouring has been added.