Cocoa/Shea Butter - 100% Pure & Natural 2-Butter Blend
- Organic - Unrefined

PRICE:  C$10.00 - 120 g / 4.0 oz jar.


100% Pure & Natural two-butter blend.

What you smell is the natural scent of the combined two butters.  

This product is
 NOT a cream, but the real HARD blend of two natural butters of the 
African Cocoa Nut and Shea Nut pods.  You need to scrape a small amount from the 
jar,  and warm in in the center of your palm or fingers - then spread where you need it!

Cocoa Butter aids in the reduction/appearance of stretch marks, scars, and 

Shea butter helps in the reduction/appearance of lines and wrinkles, keeping your 
skin soft and supple, well-nourished and healthy looking.

There are products that are advertised as Cocoa-Shea Butter - unless specifically 
stated... they are NOT the real nut butters from the Cocoa and Shea pods, but a blend of multiple of ingredients (of like) to form the consistency of a cream; including other softening ingredients.