Himalayan Rock Salt Deodorant Stone

PRICE:  C$9.50 each.

These deodorant stones are a great and natural deodorant alternative that the whole family can use.

The stone is not greasy or sticky and does not stain clothing or the skin.

Mineral Classification:  Halide
100% Himalayan Crystal Salt - free of harmful chemicals.

Made in/Product of:  Pakistan

  • No Parabens
  • No Aluminium
  • No Triclosan
  • No Phthalates
  • No Fragrance
  • No chlorohydrate, zirconium, potassium, sulfate, or triclosan

    - Does not clog pores
    - Skin stays fresh and clean
    - Smell fresh and clean

Mineral deodorant stones are pure and unscented; a perfect way for men or women to freshen up naturally. Information cards are included.

Deodorant stones are an effective, natural deodorant that the whole family can use. Best of all, it works! It contains only potassium sulfate plus naturally occurring minerals. There are no harsh chemicals, perfumes, oils, emulsified alcohol, or aluminum chlorohydrate. The stone is not sticky or greasy, will not stain clothing or irritate skin.

HOW IT WORKS.. The deodorant stone inhibits bacterial growth which causes odour.

It is not absorbed by the body as other deodorants are.

EASY TO USE..After a shower, while the body is still damp, simply apply to areas that need protection, or wet the stone first.