Blue Moon Orb Earrings - Luminous Clear Bluish Orbs
... Bewitching and Unique - each and everyone of them!

PRICE:  C$18.00
CODE:  RMJ-E-BM-100 (a)
Non-Swarovsky Crystals - contain blue luminous Czech polished glass.

PRICE:  C$24.00
CODE:  RMJ-E-BM-100 (b)
Not shown / Identical item using Swarovsky Crystals

Enchanted Garden BLUE MOON Collection - mystical earrings!

These earrings have a bluish iridescence of moonlight.
All Earrings have Silver Plated (nickel-free) fish ear hooks, and/or bronze nickel-free alloy ear hooks, and/or gold-tone nickel-free allow ear hooks. 

Unique - Enjoyable and whimsical.

Inspiring moonlit and magical wonder!

More similar designs coming... Keep Watch!