CITRUS FACIAL MIST - Great for Toning & Cleansing your skin
Grapefruit & Lime (unisex)


PRICE:  C$14.00 - Retail:  C$17.00 - 120 mL / 4.0 fl. oz. - with sprayer cap. (selling on Etsy for C$29.47!).
PRICE:  C$7.00 - Retail: C$8.50 - 60 mL / 2.0 fl.oz. - with sprayer cap


Balance Oily Skin - Remove Impurities - Cleanse your skin Naturally
Anti-Aging - Anti-Wrinkle - Exfoliating - Great for All Skin types!

Skin feels fresh and revitalized!  With Natural Extracts of Aloe Vera & Papaya for balancing and protecting skin's natural moisture.

Mildly Scented - Containing 100% Pure Essential Oils of Grapefruit & Lime.

- Aloe Vera - great moisturizing agent, high in vitamin B complex, folic acid and vitamin C + Rose Floral Water

- Along with...Cucumber Peel Extract - Sandalwood Essential Oil - Chamomile Extract - Pineapple Fruit Extract - Mulberry Leaves Extract

- Grapefruit & Lime Essential Oils - natural toners and good astringents to help reduce the oiliness of the skin.
- Papaya Extract - excellent in stabilizing oily skin and a good exfoliant for sloughing off dead skin cells.