Salt... Gourmet Himalayan Sea Salt... 

We are the only company in Quebec that retails Himalayan Sea Salt that includes Iodine (minimalist amount.
According to Health Canada, any salt used every day has to be Iodized!

BATH SALT is unrefined and not fit for consumption.

Sea Salt Health Facts:

Medical and biological research shows that humans need whole, clean salt.

Relatively few people are informed about the de-naturing of real salt.  Essential macro-nutrients and 82 trace minerals are removed from industrially refined salt...  leaving only a single compound made of sodium and chloride.

The salt refiners profit from selling the extracted minerals.

Sea salt softens hardened lymph nodes, glands, muscles, and abdominal obstructions and swellings.

Natural unrefined sea salt provides higher resistance to infections and bacterial diseases.

In the Ayurvedic Tradition, sea salt has the most "grounding" activity of any substance used in food.

Sea salt has a yin (female) nature and represents the earth.  It can be used to bring a person down to earth or give food a more substantial quality.

Salt is alkalizing, thus is craved by those whose systems are overly acidic.

We retail a great Salt Grinder!
Stainless steel with transparent/see-through middle window priced at:  C$14.99 each / Retail:  C$29.99
(salt not included).

The above information has not been evaluated or approved by Health Canada or the FDA.
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