Forest Spirit - Face & Body Elixir (Oil) - Specialty Oil

PRICE:  C$12.00 / RETAIL:  C$15.00 - 30 ml bottle/black disc top cap.
PRICE:  C$27.00 / RETAIL:  C$30.00 - 60 ml bottle/dropper cap.

100% PURE & NATURAL - As Good As It Gets...!

5 - Excellent Organic Skin Care Oils - Great for all Types of Skin.
Moisturizing and Hydrating for all your body parts!  These oils are particularly known for being non-comedogenic (0-1 rating) in that they do NOT clog your pores as many others do!

5 - Our "Forest Spirit" fragrance is a woodsy blend of 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils.  Contributing to a fresh, warm, and earthy scent.  With Citrus, Pine, and Cedar notes!

There's a Forest Spirit ... within Everyone...!

*Forest Spirit* - Face & Body Elixir (Oil)... an exclusive RMJ Specialty Oil.


The Forest is an enchanting, and mysterious place full of riddles, spirits, and adventure.

We go to the Forest to experience all of our senses, including our higher sense of self.
The Forest whispers to those who listen.

The Forest Spirit is a Forest Guardian who keeps the forest alive.

Whether spirit guides are projections of the mind, reflections of the soul or dwell in different realms altogether is one of the great mysteries of life.

Only you can decide that for yourself...!