Halloween and Autumn will soon be here...!
Stock up while the going is good!

BUY 12/RECEIVE 20% DISCOUNT - on top of our already discounted pricing!
Contact us for your special discount pricing.  Reselling available by permission through INTERNATIONAL RMJ.

Oh... the magic of Autumn...  crisp fresh air... lingering earthy scents... warm, and vibrant colours...
Soothing to the Mind - Body - and Soul...!

Make your own "magic" happen!  Your magic will ultimately sooth you - cool you - and make you feel at peace with yourself and the rest of our world.

Feeling Good... yes...  it's all about feeling good... and how really good that is!

You will definitely be in a better place!  Make your "magic" come alive!

Hey Folks... Halloween will soon be here...
So are our seasonally themed bewitchingly delicious, soothing and smoothing Face - Hand - and Body products! 

AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND in seasonal fragrances and flavours:
- LOTION enhanced with Jojoba Oil 

- CREAM enhanced with Jojoba Oil 
- GUEST SIZE SOAPS - various shapes and bars
- LIP BALM - Jar or Tube/Stick-type
- LOTION BAR - Tube/Stick-type - 15 ml / 0.5 oz - great size

Round-up for the 2019 Halloween Season...!

We're got a great line-up of new flavours and fragrances for the 2019 Halloween Season!

NEW!  The following are available with new flavours and fragrances...
BUT all are available in our ever so popular "Sweet Pumpkin Spice"... !

Here's the round-up for our 2019 Seasonal Offerings...

  1 - Balm, Body Bar - Aromatherapy
  2 - Butter, Body - Exquisite
  3a - Lip Balm - Stick/Tube
  3b - Lip Balm - Pot/Jar
  4 - Scrub, Lip - Softening
  5 - Scrub, Salt Body - Perfect Pumpkin
  6 - Scrub, Sugar Body - The Perfect Ultimate Sugar Scrub
  7 - Shower Steamers, Aroma - Autumn Splendour
  8 - Soap, Hand & Body - Citrus Cloud
  9 - Oil, Dry Body - Gingerbread
10 - Perfume (stick) - Autumn Breeze
11 - Halloween Jojoba Hand & Body Lotion
12 - Halloween Jojoba Hand & Body Cream
13 - Halloween