Himalayan Rock Crystal Lamps

As these lamps are a totally natural and handcrafted product...  the size, shape and colour may vary.

Our crystal rock salt products are of the highest quality.  Mined to achieve optimal mineral content and colour...  Which is the best you will find anywhere else in the world!

Although there are different grades or qualities of Crystal Rock Salt from around the world...  prices may vary, dependent upon the origin and reputation of the mines.

You are assured that all our lamps are sourced from the ORIGINAL 250 million year HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT MINE ...  known for it's health benefits, ionizing qualities, as well as clarity, colour and design of the Crystal Rock Salt!

Himalayan Rock Crystal Lamp - Electric - Small


PRICE:  C$34.95 each 
Weight:  5-7 lbs  /  Height:  up to 7"
Ion Radius:  Approximately 5' (feet).

Himalayan Crystal Rock Lamp (electric).

Bring a wonderful ambiance to any room.    All have the same beneficial characteristics!

All our lamps are FULLY CSA/UL APPROVED!   The bulbs (15w) gently and efficiently warm salt crystals which then release their ionizing benefits through a serene and calming aura.

All our lamps sit on a teakwood WOODEN base - not a plastic base...  as some are!  

BEWARE:  Lamps sold without the CSA/UL sticker are considered a fire hazard, the salt will corrode a regular cord!

Salt lamps are best for cleaning, purifying, and refreshing the air.  All have known benefits! 


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