Lavender Dried Herb

PRICE:  C$5.00 / 3x4 pouch/ 20 g - 0.75 oz.
CODE:  KWD-100

All Natural - Dried Lavender Herb.
Cosmetic use only.

Scientific Name: Lavendula officinalis

Lavender is associated with the Element Air and the Planet Mercury.

Lavender is often worked with as a way to bring about calmness and peace, ease the passage into sleep and bring happiness, healing, love and purification into your sacred space. This is a beautiful herb, used very frequently in dream pillows, spritzers, facial toners as well as a variety of aromatherapy products because of it’s gentle nature.

Use dried herbs in ways that will enhance your sacred space.

Ways to use Lavender dried Herb:
- add to, or create mini magical sachets and place in your clothing drawers, or in other places throughout your home.
- place in a mesh or teabag and adding it to a warm bath.
- make powder incense for use in bath & body scrubs.
- place the dried herb on a round charcoal disc for burning.
- place under pillow or near bed.
- sprinkle on top of candles... e.g. tealights.
- can be used in an aroma or potpourri lamp along with your favourite carrier oil.

Get your own magic going... and see where it can take you!

NOTE:  This product - not for ingestion - cosmetic use only.

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