Mermaid Oils... Unique... Complex... Enchanting!

Too old you say...?
No one is ever too old to not experience a little "magic" in one's life!

For the purpose of ritual... in the enhancement your "Sea Ritual" ...  the use of our Mermaid Oil.. is used to embody the complex and often tumultuous nature of the Element of Water!

Enjoy unique blends that offer their own unique characteristics.

- Apply directly to skin

Our Mermaid Oils are created to...
Soothe & Calm - Clear Mental Blockages - Evoke Power/Strengthen Ideas

Tune into the Sea, Earth, & Sky - Inspire Insight - Liberate Yourself

Mermaid Body Oil  - "Moonlit Tide"  - All Season Scent!
A unique oil blend to soothe and calm your inner spirit!   An Ocean Potion Exclusive!

All Mermaid Oils include a sisal wrapped sea life charm, tiny charging crystals (amethyst etc), and tiny sea shells!

PRICE:  C$38.00
RETAIL:  C$43.00
120 ml / 4.0 fl.oz. - Glass Bottle with dropper or twist black cap

PRICE:  C$19.00/RETAIL:  C$24.00
60 ml / 2.0 fl.oz.  - Glass Bottle with Dropper or twist black cap

PRICE:  C$9.50/RETAIL:  C$14.50
30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz. - Glass Bottle with twist black cap


All our Mermaid Body Oils include:
- A small wrap-around charm capturing sea life under our blue waters!
- Charging this oil are tiny Amethyst Crystals and tiny sea shells. 

Known for its healing powers, attraction to spiritual energies, and calming of restless thoughts.
A good stone for meditation, a peace of mind provider and promoter of serene dreams!


Grape Seed Oil - Jojoba Oil - Perilla Seed Oil - Abyssidian Seed Oil
And a soothing, calming, and a 4-unique Essential Oil Blend.

Soothing & Calming... an aid in the settling of emotional turmoil within the rough waters of your mind!
Enjoy this  luxurious body oil that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and healthy!

A soothing essential oil blend to help settle unrest in your mind while uplifting your spirits!

Others coming...  No. 2 / No. 3 / No. 4 ...  KEEP WATCH!  DIFFERENT STOKES... FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS!

NOTE:  This item will be available throughout the year in any given season!