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JULY 2021 - Summer Scents + Jewellery...
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Mermaid Oil:

FRAGRANCES - Essential Oil (EO) / Fragrance Oil (FO)

Mermaid - Fish scale domed anchor Earrings:

FREE:  With any purchase of Mermaid Oil or Earrings:

10 ml - Authentic
Austrian Deep Black Moor
Facial Mud Mask - All Skin Types

100% Natural Source
Skin Care

Organic - Mineral Rich
100% Refined Heilmoor Peat

Deeply Nourishing and Replenishing - Skin looks and feels Soft, Firm, and Radiant with Incredibly Smooth Skin!

Revered by Clinics & Spas throughout the World!
1 application = 4.9 ml - Let's say 5 ml = 2 applications per 10 ml.