Body Care Oils - High Quality - 100% Pure & Unadulterated

Excellent body oils available in convenient - 60 mL/2.0 fl.oz  & 120 mL/4.0 fl.oz - sizes.

Somewhere... there's a "perfect" oil for you...  know your skin type... and away you go!

Many of these oils are integrated into our own lotions, creams, lip balm, and bath products to provide you with the ultimate skincare experience!

Coming Soon...
- Almond Sweet - Apricot Kernel - Avocado - Black Cumin Seed - Black currant Seed - Borage - Buriti - Camellia Seed - Castor - Cherry Kernel - Coconut - Extra Virgin - Evening Primrose - Grapeseed - Hazelnut - Hemp Seed - Macadamia Nut - Olive - Palm Kernel - Peach Kernel - Perilla Seed - Pomegranate - Pumpkin Seed - Rice Bran - Rosehip - Safflower - Sesame - Sunflower - Walnut - Wheat Germ...

Keep posted!

Hemp Seed Oil - Super Softening...!

PRICE:  C$6.99 - 60 mL / 2 fl.oz.
PRICE:  C$13.98 - 120 mL / 4 fl.oz.

Superb skin and body oil.
Super moisturizing and softening!

100% Pure & Natural Hemp Seed Oil.

Cold-Pressed - No Pesticides - No Preservatives - No Additives - No GMO's - No Parabens
No Petroleum based additives - Cruelty-Free - Gluten-Free - Phthalate-Free - THC Free
100% Vegan.

Great for Sensitive skin and Body Care use.

Hemp Seed Oil is an excellent non-clogging oil that helps to reduce the size of pores, blackheads, acne, protects the skin from free radicals and provides the body with essential nutrients required in order to maintain epidermal lipids, skin's water barrier, elasticity and softness.

In addition, it it known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, to reduce redness and is recommended for psoriasis and eczema.



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