Enchanted Garden's...  magical body oils...  

We're offering you a little bit of our own version of enchantment!
Tantalizing and whimsical scents that may help you to relax and enjoy a bit of quiet time... in your own little corner of your world!

Body Oils that are prepared with 100% Pure & Natural skincare oils... either as a single oil or as a blend of 2, 3, and 4 superb skincare oils.

We have two categories of oils... Body Oils blended with essential oils and Body Oils using quality cosmetic grade Fragrances.
Not every one necessarily wants a product made with Essential Oils... as many essential oils may carry therapeutic values and therefore may not be needed or wanted by certain individuals - or individuals with allergies.

- prepared with Essential Oils
CAPTIVATING BODY OILS - prepared with Fragrance Oils.

On the other hand... our Fragrances are of high quality - cosmetic grade specific to this industry.  There is also a much larger fragrance choice in this category.

We offer and prepare special orders for the elderly and children where the oil has a minimum of fragrance.

So...  enjoy a little of our Enchanted Garden's Body Oil magic...  

Everyone needs and deserves a little "magic" in their life!  Why wouldn't  You?