Enchanted Garden - Apothecary Herbals - Patchouli Dried Herb (sm)

PRICE:  C$5.00 / 3x4 pouch/ 20 g - 0.75 oz.
CODE:  KWD-100

All Natural - Dried Patchouli Herb.
Cosmetic use only.

Scientific Name: Pogostemon Patchouli

Oh... the Magic of it all...
Patchouli is said to attract Money - Prosperity - and new Love in life!

Said to...  Attract Prosperity - Dispel Negativity - Promote Good Dreams - The scent is both Sweet and Earthy!

Patchouli is associated with the element Earth and the Planet Saturn and is said to promote healing, cleansing and unblocking the root, solar plexus and crown chakra energy centers.

Let the aroma of this herb make your mind drift to old memories and far away lands.
Patchouli oil is an excellent aphrodisiac as well, so apply and let it do it’s magic.

Use dried herbs in ways that will enhance your sacred space.

Ways to use Patchouli dried Herb:
- add to, or create mini magical sachets and place in your clothing drawers, or in other places throughout your home.
- place in a mesh or teabag and adding it to a warm bath.
- make powder incense for use in bath & body scrubs.
- place the dried herb on a round charcoal disc for burning.
- place under pillow or near bed.
- sprinkle on top of candles... e.g. tealights - away from flame.
- can be used in an aroma or potpourri lamp along with your favourite carrier oil.

Get your own magic going... and see where it can take you!

NOTE:  This product - not for ingestion - cosmetic use only.

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