Enchanted Garden - Apothecary Herbals - Red Rose Petals (sm)

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Bag filled up with Organic Natural Dried Rose Petals.



You will be receiving one bag, approximately 3 inches x 3 inches filled with all natural, dried rose petal herb for herbal and magical use.

Botanical Name: Rosa centifolia

Rose petals are associated with the Element Water and the Planet Venus.

Roses are traditionally known for their heavenly aroma.

Metaphorically the rose is related to the emotion love, and traditionally the most predominant flower symbol in the world, symbolizing love, youth and beauty. Historically the name Rosa comes from the Greek word, rondo, meaning red. The traditional and contemporary uses of rose are almost the same. It has been mainly used for its fragrance component and its soothing effect.

Rose petals are used very commonly as a symbol of love, romance, relationships and attraction. In addition, they can be used for protection from evil, to attract happiness and friendly spirits into your home, and to promote good luck.

Ways to use Red Rose Petals dried Herb:
- add to, or create mini magical sachets and place in your clothing drawers, or in other places throughout your home.
- place in a mesh or teabag and adding it to a warm bath.
- make powder incense for use in bath & body scrubs.
- place the dried herb on a round charcoal disc for burning.
- place under pillow or near bed.
- sprinkle on top of candles... e.g. tealights - away from flame.
- can be used in an aroma or potpourri lamp along with your favourite carrier oil.

Get your own magic going... and see where it can take you!

NOTE:  This product - not for ingestion - cosmetic use only.

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