INTERNATIONAL RMJ ... caters to all your beauty needs.  From the tip of your head down to your toes... and more!

Great products for your driest areas...
Superb softening and moisturizing for all-over Face and Body - Luxurious Creams and Oils.
Excellent Salon Quality - Day & Night Creams for smooth and supple skin.

Bath products... unique hand & body soaps - relaxing and enchantingly soothing bath salts - great for kids & adults!

HOW SAFE IS SAFE... A word of caution...
We implement Essential Oils as fragrances for some products - and for others ... we implement high quality approved cosmetic fragrance oils.

Remember... not everyone appreciates Essential Oils because there are many that may have therapeutic qualities which may not be warranted or needed by everyone!  There are certain safe essential oils that can be used on a daily basis by adults, children, babies, and the elderly.  Safe essential oils for all to use on a general and/or daily basis are Lavender and Sweet Orange/Orange Sweet.

If a product is purchased by - or for an elderly person - we make sure that the fragrance and/or essential oil is diminished within that product.  Please let us know the age bracket so we can adjust your product.