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We are merging some our best and most popular selling items from RMJ-Gift-and-Craftwork.com into this site for easier purchasing access.

You are getting the best of both worlds in one package!
Lots of good stuff ... for your home and you!

In this time ... we all deserve a little something to make us feel better... call it magic... call it needful things... Create your own feel-good environment that belongs only to you!

A recap of some of our FEEL GOOD STUFF...  Unique Jewellery - Earrings - Pendants - Gemstones & Gemstone Bracelets - Beeswax Candles - Soy Candles - Incense Cones & Sticks - 
Incense Holders & Back-Flow Burners - Buffalo White Sage/Smudging - DrawerScenters - Canadiana 23K Gold Flake vials, Authentic Victorian Brass Inkwell... and more!