ROSEHIP OIL - Extra Virgin
Unrefined - Premium Grade -  Cold-pressed - First Pressed

PRICE:  C$22.99 - 30 mL - Amber glass bottle.

CODE:  NER-104

BOTANICAL NAME:  Rosa Rubignosa

EXTRACTION METHOD:  Cold-Pressed (First Pressing)

PROCESS TYPE:  Unrefined

COLOUR:  Amber and/or to light reddish (dependent upon season and colour of the hip at time of harvest.

OIL OBTAINED FROM:  Seeds (fron the "hip" fruit of the rose bush).  This oil contains ALL OF ITS CONSTITUENTS than any other type of rosehip oil, and will give you maximum benefits.


USAGE:  This oil is a superb moisturizer.  Can also be used on burns, scars, and stretch marks.
Also superb on dry, parched, dull, and aging skin.  Known as a "dry" oil, it is non-greasy and super light - easily and quickly absorbed... within 10 minutes of application.    Can be used on a dry scalp and itchiness (due to stress and chemicals in shampoos).  Hey... better than Botox!

AROMA DESCRIPTION:  Due to the typical and characteristic of unrefined plant oils, and because it contains 77% linoleic acid (Omega 6), and a linolenic acid (Omega 3) Fatty Acids... both can have rather strong scents - and undiluted Rosehip Oil will have a "faint" marine aroma note.  Rosehip Oil does NOT smell like a rose!


That this oil is of Highest Quality - Produced with a Single Pressing - 1st Pressed.

Vitamin E Enriched (naturally occurring)- This oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Essential Fatty Acids to promote collagen and elastin levels to increase and assist in cell regeneration.  Promotes healthy skin - use for burns, sunburns, wrinkles, stretch marks and eczema.

100% Pure & Natural - Extra Virgin - Highest Quality!
High content of Essential Fatty Acids and vitamin E.

Your skin will feel smoother, softer, and more even!



This product has a shelf life of up to 2 years, if stored in proper conditions - cool, and out of direct sunlight.  Refrigeration after opening is recommended.


Any Rosehip Oil may aggravate acne when used in certain conditions and high contrations.  

Once acne postules have been dried up - you may continue to use this product.


May cause sensitivity to light if it gets into the eyes.

May produce a burning sensation 

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