Sensual Foaming Bubble Bath... Sudsy, Foamy...
  - with 5 Essential Oils

SENSUAL ... UNISEX - Foaming Bubble Bath

Very Fragrant - Contains 5 Essential Oils .. Sudsy and Foamy...

Spa Quality - Originally exclusively sold in spas, clinics, etc.

Not too sweet - just the right blend for a sensual and calming experience.

Mildly scented - light... floral... perfumery-type scent!
This bubble bath contains sea salt and essential oils with aromas of:
Sweet Orange Oil - Rosemary Oil - Ylang Ylang Oil - Jasmin Oil - Lemon Oil.

You get an amazingly nice amount of foam... Bath-time is splash... splash... splash time!
Washes really clean, and leaves no bathtub ring.

A nice, light, yet heady blend of five amazing essential oils.

Who says you  can't use this stuff as a hand wash!  A little... really...goes a long way.
We did... and what did we get... soft, conditioned skin with a neat and lightly fragranced scent!


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