Shea Butter - Premium - Grade A.
100% Pure & Natural - Organic - Unrefined
Premium Quality

All our Shea Butter is 100% Pure & Natural - Premium Quality - Certified Organic and Fair Trade.
Handmade and prepared in Ghana, Africa using traditional methods.

*Yellow/Golden Shea Butter is in very limited supply - Please contact us to order.

PRICE:  C$19.99 - Retail:  C$24.99 240 g / 8.0 oz / CODE:  BRK-100-A - Ivory

PRICE:  C$9.99 - Retail:  C$12.50 - 120 g / 4.0 oz / CODE:  BRK-100-B - Ivory

PRICE:  C$6.99 - 60 g / 2.0 oz / CODE:  BRK-100-C - Ghana Ivory
PRICE:  C$4.99 - 30 g / 1.0 oz / CODE:  BRK-100-D - Ghana Ivory
PRICE:  C$19.99 - Retail:  C$24.99 - 240 g / 8.0 oz / CODE:  AIS-100-A - Gold

PRICE  C$9.99 - Retail: C$12.50  - 120g / 4.0 oz / CODE:  AIS-100-B - Gold

PRICE:  C$6.99 - 60 g / 2.0 oz / CODE:  AIS-100-C - Ghana Golden
PRICE:  C$4.99 - 30 g / 1.0 oz / CODE:  AIS-100-D - Ghana Golden


Contains only 100% Pure & Natural Certified Organic Shea Butter.  Nothing Added!  Premium Quality.

Great for all kinds of uses... skin... hair...Nourishing and Protecting from harmful effects of sun and harsh weather.  Instantly softens skin - great for people with sensitive skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

OPTIONS - Golden Shea or Ivory Shea

SHEA BUTTER - TRAVEL-SIZE - 15g jar in carry-along pouch.

PRICE:  C$3.75 - 15 g Jar

Available in Golden Shea and Ivory Shea.

Both colours offer the exact same quality of Shea Butter.
Golden Shea Butter may stain.

SPECIALTY SHEA BUTTER BLENDS...  Our Best Shea Butter Blends Yet!
You choose your Shea Butter Blend and You choose your Specialty Oil Base...  the one you feel is closest to your skin!

All specialty Shea Butters now available - Priced at:

PRICE:  C$29.99 - 240 ml/8.0 oz - Jar
PRICE:  C$14.99 - 120 ml/4.0 oz - Jar

PRICE:  C$7.50 - 60 ml/2.0 oz - Jar

Specialty Blend - Shea & Kombo Butter...


Additional information relating to Shea Butter...

Shea Butter is...  Rich in Vitamins A, E, D, and F - in addition to EFA's (essential Fatty Acids).

Ideal for chapped, cracked and dehydrated skin, this versatile body butter can even be used on the face and hair for a super hydrating treatment.
   Also providing the skin with some natural sun protection.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
Shea Butter has its own specific odour which can be somewhat smokey or nutty - some like it, some don't.  It's a matter of personal preference.  Essential Oils and/or Fragrance can be added to this product if you wish (in small quantity only).

Premium Quality Guaranteed - 100% Pure & Natural - Unrefined  - 100% handmade through Natural Process - Sourced solely in Ghana - Never Grainy / Soft and Smooth!

No Chemicals - No Additives!  Long-Lasting - The Ultimate Moisturizer


1. Pure unrefined Shea butter
2. 100% handmade through natural process
3. No chemicals or additives
4. Quality guaranteed
5. Community impact & women’s development support

Shea Butter can range in color from a grayish white to buttery (very light) yellow.
The properties of the shea butter are not affected by its coloration, and you can rest assured that no matter the color it will work well for whatever reason you are using it.

The ivory color variations are caused by several factors including:

  • the mineral content of the soil where the shea tree it came from grows
  • the time of the crop (seeds from early shea fruit seem to
    produce more yellowish colored shea butter than fruit from
    later in the season)
  • the climate during the year the seeds were produced
    (rains, heat, etc.).

    All Yellow Shea Butter gains its colour from the Root of an African tree called BURUTUTU - and is added during the production process.  This is what gives it its yellow colour..  This added ingredient has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It is NOT a chemical additive.

    All Shea Butters have a nutty smell.