AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER (beige)  - Premium Quality

PRICE:  C$15.98 - 120g/ 4.0 oz pot / Code RMJ-C


100% Pure & Natural - Raw - Unrefined

You will need to soften this shea butter in the palm of your hand before application/use.

Proven healing properties stemming from its physical make-up of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Cinnamic Acid...  to name a few.

Commonly used in the treatment of Eczema, Rashes, Burns, and severely Dry Skin.

Contains natural UV sun protection.  

Protects and Moisturizes...  Used as a hair dressing to protect scalp from sores, rashes, Preventative for dandruff - Weak hair - Fortifies Cuticles and Nails - Can be used on babies - After shaving - Firms up aging skin!


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