Sugar Scrub + Shea Butter...
with Blood Orange & Apricot essential oils



PRICE:  C$4.99 / RETAIL:  C$5.25 - 60 mL / 2 fl.oz
Code: ATS-103-B

PRICE:  C$8.99 / RETAIL:  C$10.50 - 120 mL / 4 fl.oz
Code: ATS-103-C

PRICE:  C$18.99 / RETAIL:  C$21.00 - 240 mL / 8 fl.oz
Code: ATS-103-D

This is... and selling as... a high-end spa quality scrub.

It is a bit on the "oily" side, but will absorb nicely into your skin leaving it very smooth and supple.

A refreshing and mood uplifting scent - in a fragrance blend of Blood Orange and Apricot.
Containing a unique mix of moisturizing Shea Butter, natural fruit extracts and refined sugar... to lift and remove dull skin cells.

Scrub rinses clean leaving skin feel baby soft.

Not just oil and sugar... there is no pooling on the surface. It's more like a soft sugar paste with 15% Shea Butter and honey as a base.

Contains natural oils, Vitamin E, and an essential blend of Blood Orange and Apricot.

A weekly "scrubbing" will promote circulation and lymphatic drainage!  Scrubbing provides a much better absorption of lotions or creams... all the while maintaining youthful and hydrated skin.

Sugar scrubs are GENTLER than salt scrubs.  They will NOT sting, and are good for all skin types!