Your...  Mystical Spaces and Magical Places!

It's time... to take time...  to pamper you!

To Create your own magical space...  it can be anywhere - any place - and at any time!  And any size... in a corner of a room... solitary... away from everything...

Indoors... Outdoors... wherever you feel the place is right!

- Your Safe Room... Everyone needs a Safe Room.
A place - a room - a space where you can let a long held breath out!  It will be YOUR magical Space!

- Within your space ... it can be the warm and soft glow of a solitary candle on a quiet dark night... in a darkened area.

- It can be - A quiet garden place - or - you can even create your own mini garden sanction... with potted plants - real or artificial foliage - even a small water fountain.

- Read a book that will magically transport you into a realm of magic and wonder and that will lead you down a path as real as if you are actually there.

- Look at mystical and magical pictures... they will calm you - and transport you into their own magical realm.

- Look at Water... Really look at it - it is calming and relaxing ... be it a picture... a real country stream - a mountain lake... water can be found everywhere... in your own home!

You can even create your own!  Easy!
Use a bowl - drop in some stones add a plant or two - float or put a candle nearby... Voila!

Whatever you place within your magical sphere... it's yours and yours alone!

Rest and be Comforted - in knowing that YOU are the most unique person on this planet - in this space and time - and in the universe!  You are one in a million... trillion...  the entity that is you is special and miraculous!

Take care of that special person who is you!
Your life depends on it!  Be kind - be good - be the best person you can be...  and then...