Charcoal Drawing Cream

PRICE:  C$18.69 / RETAIL:  C$21.69 - 56 g / 2.0 oz.

Excellent for pulling out impurities, foreign objects, toxins and poisons. A non greasy, extremely moisturizing cream.  Ready to use Charcoal Cream is amazingly powerful and  yet gentle enough to be used as a Charcoal Facial. A First Aid Must Have! 

Gentle and moisturizing you can even use it as a facial cream to draw out impurities without drying your skin or feeling greasy after.

If you use make up, or you are hoping to get a jump on preventing dark spots and wrinkles, add this to your weekly beauty routine 1-3x per week for amazing results. With regular use this Activated Charcoal Drawing Cream can Naturally Brighten Skin tone, reduce pore size and excess oil build up, and may even eliminate acne.

We offer... high quality - black wash cloths... the minimize/reduce staining on any other coloured face cloths!

For a truly beautifying and detoxifying facial, apply liberally and leave on for a least 20 minutes, the longer you leave it on the more the charcoal draws out! Simply wash off in the shower or with a washcloth you don't mind will be stained by the charcoal and then follow this with a witch hazel cloth/pad afterwards, to remove the residual charcoal and tone your pores naturally.

Do this 1 - 3 times a week, you will be glad you did. :)