SOLID LIP GLOSS - in STICK FORM - Coming soon...

NOTE:  Despite their name - Flavour Oils contribute only Fragrance - Not Flavours to lip balms.
Some are sweetened - and some are not.

PRICE:  C$3.99 / RETAIL:  C$4.99 - 5 g Stick/Tube

Excellent moisturizing... incorporates specialty oils and butter creating a truly wonderful glistening lip gloss.

Lip Balm - Stick or Pot - All Natural - No Preservatives  - Excellent Lip Protection - Long lasting!


ABOVE SHOWN:  Lip Balm in pot (jar).

PRICE:  C$3.99 / Retail: C$4.99 - stick/tube
PRICE:  C$3.99 / Retail: C$4.99 - pot

LIP BALM - All Natural (base) - No Preservatives
Available in "stick" or "pot/jar" container.

Keeps lips soft and moisturized for hours!  Great for any Season.
Exceptional lip protection - Great lip protecting ingredients... Castor Bean Oil, Hemp Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Meadowfoam Seed Oil.  Including the addition of Vitamin E.  Contains additional vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 & 6 - capable of restorative properties!

Same excellent ingredients as our "pot/jar" lip balm but with added natural beeswax for a harder stick balm.

Available in Delicious Fragrant Lip Balm Flavours - and a few with Essential Oils.