Argan-Hemp Oil Blend - High Potency /


PRICE:  C$37.98 - 60 ml bottle
PRICE: C$18.99 - 30 ml bottle
PRICE: C$9.50 - 15 ml

A superb skin care blend of two beneficial oils to help combat dryness areas for your entire face and body needs.

We can add 3% Rosemary Oil at no additional cost!
Just email us to let us know!

~ Liquid Gold ~
Organic Argan Oil + Organic Hemp Oil - 50%/50% Blend
An Organic Age Defying Blend for a more
Resilient and Glowing Skin!

This blend works in two ways: massaged onto the scalp, it helps to nourish and fortify your hair follicles.
Worked onto the hair, it helps to moisturise and seal your strands. 

Hemp Seed Oil - Anti-Aging - Dry & Parched Skin:
This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and is 25% protein. You’re hair will drink it up! It’s packed with vitamin E, so a good massage on the scalp will feed in those antioxidants. Remember, healthy hair begins at the scalp.

Argan Oil - Moisturizing - Under Eye - All Dry Skin Areas:
Prized as a moisturising oil, very light weight but also very hydrating!  Argan Oil is multi-use, but you can use the oil as a skin moisturizer. It’s great for under the eyes, your cuticles and any dry spots of skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil - Skin and Hair Conditioning:
osemary Essential Oil can be added to this blend.
Rosemary essential oil is antibacterial – massaging it onto the scalp helps to cleanse hair cuticles from bacteria that can cause scalp irritations. It feeds the scalp with antioxidants and helps to stimulate blood flow – all which leads to healthier hair.

These ingredients combined produce an oil that your hair will absolutely love!  Use it once a week – You can put it on at night, then wash it off in the morning. The trick is to set a routine that works with your schedule. You’ll see – your hair will soon feel stronger and healthier with very little fuss!