Coffee Eye Butter cream


PRICE: C$29.80 / Retail: C$39.80 - 60g/2.0 oz. Jar
PRICE: C$14.90 / Retail: C$19.99 - 30g/1.0 oz. Jar

Use for Puffiness and Dark Circles - Increase Circulation - Brighten Dark Circles.  Superb for nightly facial and neck applications.
Seaweed is great for toning and revitalizing your skin. This cream is enriched with vitamins, folic acid and niacin.

The addition of teas contain polyphenols that act as free radicals in combatting signs of aging.

Use in circular motion to massage around the eye area.
This product can also be used as a Nightly Cream - covering the entire Face and Neck area

Coffee Eye Butter Cream - Your Eye Care Choice!
Great for...  Eye Puffiness - Revitalizing - Anti-Aging