Paypal shopping cart is for Canada only.  For USA shipping - Please contact us to obtain your accurate shipping fees.

We are available for Curb-side pick up - Free Local Delivery - and online shipping.

Orders from both websites are combined into one box with one shipping fee and one invoice!

- If you wish to override our C$15.00 shipping fee - you can contact us BEFORE FINALIZING your order - to get a direct shipping quote that will be used instead.

- If shipping is LESS than our C$15.00 shipping fee, you will be refunded the difference.
- If shipping is MORE than our C$15.00 shipping fee, you will not be charged the difference.

- Small lightweight/unbreakable items are now being shipped in cost effective "bubble"  envelopes at a much lower rate than a larger boxed item.  Cards are sent out through letter mail, also at a reduced shipping rate.
Want an accurate shipping rate - Email us before finalizing your purchase!


1 - ORDERING... EASY AS 1-2-3
Contact us if you have any questions!  Email is best!
We do NOT ship without prior payment.
Food and botanicals are not shipped outside of Canada.
We do not offer wholesale pricing - our pricing is already much less than our competitors!

YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL US YOUR ORDER and get invoiced through Paypal:
1 - Email us your order.
2 - We will send you a Paypal Payment Invoice that will include price of product, quantity, shipping fee, and applicable Canada or Quebec taxes.
3 - Once your order has been fully paid, your package will be shipped out to you within 3-4 business days (not including weekends or holidays) from date of payment.  Your parcel will also include an INTERNATIONAL RMJ paid invoice along with your Paypal paid invoice.

PHONE:  Hours:  450-688-1603 / 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Monday to Friday - Eastern Standard Time.

FAX:  450-688-9565 - You can also Fax us your order - we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Shipping rate is C$15.00 - Canada wide.  You will receive a refund if less.
Free Shipping on orders of C$120.00 and over.

QUEBEC & ONTARIO:  If the cost of shipping is lower than the C$15.00 rate - we will refund you the difference!
QUEBEC FREE AREA DELIVERY:  Free Delivery is available in and around the Chomedey, Laval area within a 5-Km radius from our Administration Office.  There is a C$25.00 purchase requirement - not including taxes.

YUKON & NORTHWEST TERRITORIES:  Standard Canada Post/Expedited Parcel shipping rates apply.

USA - Regular Rates Apply / Please contact us BEFORE finalizing your order for your accurate shipping fees.
We ship through Canada Post/Air or Surface - or Tracked Package.

All taxes at USA customs offices are paid by the customer/purchaser.
*Food items or Botanicals are not sold outside Canada.

INTERNATIONAL - Regular Rates Apply - We do not recommend overseas shipping at this time.
We ship through Canada Post AIR or SURFACE (boat).
- Air Shipping does not offer tracking information on your package unless you take Canada Post/EXPRESS POST.
- Surface (boat) Shipping is the ultimate slowest but cheapest.  Surface shipping does not offer tracking information on your package.

Taxes are charged on Canadian orders - some food items may be exempt from tax.
Taxes are charged after Product Total and Shipping.

Quebec orders are charged both the GST/TPS-5% (Goods & Service Tax) + the QST/TVQ-9.975% (Quebec Sales Tax).

All Canadian provinces outside the province of Quebec are charged the GST/HST tax according to your province.

We recommend all credit card payments through Paypal.
Paypal is still by far, the safest online payment method on the internet today!

We only accept Canadian Personal Cheques.
Cheques must be pre-printed with your name, address, and Registered Canadian Banking Institute.

We also accept Company Cheques from a government registered business.
PAYABLE TO:  Renee Matschkal : International RMJ.

If sending a personal cheque - there is a 4-5-BUSINESS DAY bank clearance delay before product is shipped.

- We accept money orders from any Canadian Registered Banking Institute or Canadian Registered Postal Institution.

If for any reason - you do NOT wish to continue with your order - and wish to cancel it - please contact us.