Skin Brightening Cream

PRICE:  C$11.98 - 60 ml Jar / 2.0 oz - Code ATS-106-B
PRICE:  C$5.99 - 30 ml Jar - 1.0 oz - Code: ATS-106-A

For those who like to keep their complexion light and fresh!  

This is a mild formulation... in as it does NOT contain CANCEROUS HYDROQUINONE!  Contains a MILD formulation that uses the latest and safest BOTANICAL ingredients and SYNERLIGHT.  
Synerlight is a new natural whitening agent that is preservative-free.

Used to fight age spots as well as hyper-pigmentation (generalized information).  
Lightens and protects without harmful effects of the sun and it's rays.

Lightens gradually while moisturizing.  Includes 5 NaturaL Oils.  
Results are gradual and natural - great as a day cream.
Must be used with a sun-block or sunscreen when out in the sun.