Peppermint Pedicure (foot) LOTION - Cooling - softening...

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PRICE:  C$12.99 / Retail: C$14.99 - 120 ml / 4.0 oz. - Amber Bottle
Treatment Pump

PRICE:  C$6.99 / Retail: C$9.99 - 60 ml / 2.0 oz. - Amber Bottle
Treatment Pump

PRICE:  C$3.99 / Retail: C$4.99  - 30 ml / 1.0 oz. - Purse size
Amber Bottle - Lotion Disc Cap.

Great for softening and smoothing rough tired feet.  Great for your whole body too... moisturizing & invigorating!
This wonderful formula combines pure peppermint oil and menthol to soothe your tired feet.

Your feet will feel fresh, soft, and pampered!  Cooling & Refreshing / Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Moisturizing Oils of Apricot, Kukui & Mango - Oat Protein - Glycerin - and Therapeutic Essential Oil of Peppermint.

Light as a feather...  with instantaneous absorption!  No Greasy Feel...!

peppermint pedicure foot creme +Plus!

Size Options:

PRICE:  C$29.99 - 120 ml Jar
PRICE:  C$14.99 - 60 ml Jar
PRICE: C$7.49 - 30 ml Jar

A superb and ultra thick, rich deep moisturizing cream that is full of skin nourishing oils, vitamins and proteins - that includes our Cooling Therapeutic Essential Oil of Peppermint.

This luxurious cream absorbs instantly... for a slip that is silky and feels ultimately subtle, moisturized, and soothed. 

Never sticky or oily... light as a feather... melts into your skin!