Himalayan - Sea Salt - Mud Mask (dry)


PRICE:  C$13.99 / RETAIL:  C$24.99
300 g / Originally 240 g pot / Code:  NE-108-A

PRICE:  C$6.99 / RETAIL:  C$12.50 
150 g / Orig. 120 g  pot / Code: NE-108-B

PRICE:  C$4.25 / RETAIL:  C$6.25
75 g / Orig. 62 g pot / Code: NE-108-C

100% Pure & Natural powdered Himalayan Refined Mud for Mask Use.  An excellent blend of Minerals and Natural Salt



A natural face and body replenisher and detoxifier.  A dry powder of naturally preserved salt mud.

This Himalayan Mud Mask is a naturally preserved Salt Mud from the Himalayan mountains. 
It has been refined to cleanse and replenish the skin's natural freshess, while tightening the outer layer of your skin.

As it dries, it cleanses, exfoliates, draws out toxins, hydrates, and improves the flow of nutrients to the skin's surface.

A rare blend of minerals and natural salts.  Contains Calcium to balance, Iron to Strengthen, and Sulfates to beautify the skin.

Give your skin a healthy, and youthful appearance!



You will need to add this yourself as a wetting agent.  
We recommend using FLORAL WATERS suited to your skin-type as a wetting agent if you do not wish to use SOLE BRINE.

For Face and Body...  a natural skin replenisher containing the naturally preserved salt mud originating from the Himalayan Mountain range.

A wonderful mineral rich treatment for all skin types.  Deeply cleansing and purifying ... stimulating while giving your skin excellent renewal.  Your skin's natural fresness will be replenished!

Although this powdered form is less expensive, and needing the addition of a liquid, preferably sole salt water... it is an excellent addition and cost efficient product for your skincare regimen!