Unique Specialty Oils... For Face and Body applications.
Our Specialty Oils are 100% Pure & Natural when using Essential Oils - with Fragrance Oils... they are 97-99% Pure & Natural (depending on the dilution).

Our Dilutions are generally at 3% for Essential Oils - For Normal to Dry Adult Skin.
A Dilution of 1% is used and recommended only when administered for Mature or Elderly Adult Skin - as skin ages, it gets thinner and therefore would only need light fragrance to achieve the same effect.

Whether you like deep forest fragrances - fun fragrances - fruit fragrances, or no fragrance at all... whatever brings you are looking for!  We're here to get you there!

We do NOT mass produce.
There is a minimal wait (1-3 days) for your product preparation - Once completed it is shipped fresh to your doorstep.
Each Specialty Oil Blend has a respective shelf-life of about 2-years - since there is no water in the product - it significantly lengthens it's shelf life.

No Preservatives - No Parabens - No Harmful Artificial Anything!

Every beauty care product that sits on a shelf in a store...  has enough preservatives in it to last 5 years.