SPECIALTY bathing magic - salt soak
A truly uplifting - ritual bath salt soak
waiting for a tub near you!

Professional & Home Use

PRICE:  C$25.00 / Retail:  C$30.00 - 454 g / 16.0 oz.
PRICE:  C$12.00 / Retail:  C$18.75  - 227 g / 8.0 oz
PRICE:  C$6.00 / Retail:  C$7.50 - 113.5 / 4.0 oz 

We all deserve a little bit of "magic" - and so do you!
For every season there's a special offering...
This season... it's bath magic... in the form of a Spa Ritual Bath Salt Soak.
A soak meant to relax by - balancing and grounding.  Enjoyable!

Enjoy an enchanting and magical bathing experience...  to relax, reflect, and restore!