BUTTERS ...  skin care butters are good for you!
They are nutrient-rich, dense creams that will hydrate your skin.
Best for very dry skin!


Body Butters Moisturize - Protect - and Soften your skin.  
We make them affordable so you don't break the bank!

All body butters are rich in essential Omega 3 fats; with Shea being the most 
well-known as it contains extra Vitamin E, an aid to rejuvenating the skin.  Body 
butters also contain high levels of important and key anti-oxidants...
such as Vitamin 
C, E, and A.

You will achieve remarkable soft skin after use...  eliminating cracked, dry skin... 
especially good for persons with eczema among other skin conditions.

Skin Summer/Winterizing...
Body Butters protect your skin and hold in moisture.  
Your skin will have a natural barrier to help protect from the harsh elements!
You will also have an additional layer on your skin for protection.

More affordable than high end creams... read what's in them...  you'll see!

Your skin will drink in what ever you put on it... this will include...  parabens, and 
unnatural preservatives (many linked to certain types of cancers,
and as found in 

shampoos, etc.).

Body Butters are truly good for your skin...
They are also much longer lasting than