Natural Vegetable Protein Deodorant - Vegan

PRICE:  C$6.99 - 70.8g / 2.5 oz - Twist-up stick container.
CODE:  ATS-102

Fragrances for this item are from Essential Oils only.

Essential Oil choice of:
Lavender - Peppermint - Rosemary - Tea Tree

Fragrance Oil:  Bamboo

Aluminum Free - Vegetable Protein (twist-up) Stick.
Contains Castor Oil, Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Many people are making the switch to aluminum-free deodorants.

The Vegetable Protein contained in this product, is one that is commonly used in food and hospital facilities.  Neutralizing the enzymes that cause odour to a simple salt!.

Aluminum or Bacteriacide Free - An effective alternative to commercial products.

Aluminum-Free - Non Staining - Non Greasy