By popular demand!
In one package...  Skin Care - Beard Care - Hair Care... A Cosmetic Skin Care oil that does it all!

Used this on my son for his facial rosacea...  AND ... in 5 minutes...  did a great job of minimizing the redness and itch... after only one application!  

Men's... ooooh... so masculine...!  Women love it too!
7-Natural Moisturizing & Conditioning Oils - For Beard - Face - Hair - Skin...!

Men's 7-Oil Face & Beard Oil - Essential Oil Options - 30 ml:
Men's 7-Oil Face & Beard Oil - Fragrance Oil Options - 30 ml:

PRICE:  C$24.99 / RETAIL:  C$26.99 - 30 ml
Amber bottle with Treatment Pump.

100% Pure & Natural Oil Blend - scented with Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil (scents that are not available using essential oils but that are in popular demand)!  Great Scent Choices!

Seasonal scents are available - please inquire!

Lasts up to 3 months with daily use.

Face & Beard Oil Blend... available in masculine and unisex scents of:

- Cedarwood
- Frankencense
- Lavender
- Patchouli
- Orange Sweet
- Pine
- Rain Forest (Peppermint & Coriander)
- West Coast

You asked for additional fragrances... so here they are!


- Acqua Di Gio (type)
- Alpine Suede
- Amber & Incense
- Bamboo
- Bamboo Lotus
- Bourboned Tobacco
- Cognac & Cuban Tobacco (a favourite!)
- Cool Water (type)
- Deadly Weapon
- His Urbain Beat (type)
- North Woods
- Oak Barrel Cider (type)
- Soothing Sandalwood
- Need a scent you don't see... contact us... we may have it!