Lotion bars are the convenient, mess-free alternative to traditional moisturizers.
It's time to raise the bar by adding skincare's best-kept secret to your routine—a lotion bar.


Are lotion bars good for your skin?
Absolutely...  They will help keep your skin soft while relieving dry skin issues.

We offer two types of lotion bars.
- 100% Pure & Natural - Using Essential Oils for Fragrance in a 100% Pure & Natural base.
   For those that want a scent only achieved through essential oils.

- 98% Pure & Natural - Using our High Quality Cosmetic Fragrance Oils in a 100% Pure & Natural base.
  For those that want a scent not achieved through essential oils.

Excellent for the whole body, or specific dry and rough areas... like elbows, knees, heels, and feet!
Contains highly emollient natural ingredients.

Works effortlessly on your driest parts!
Long lasting softness with excellent moisture protection.
Enjoy this 15 g Travel-size Mini Lotion Bar wherever you go.  

Amazing long term dry skin therapy!