Luck of the Mermaid's Tail...

PRICE:  C$3.50 each / CODE:
SIZE:  Mermaid tail soaps are 3" long, 2 1/2" wide at fin and 1/4" thick.

We have several different color combinations, each is unique. There is no guarantee which exact color you will get however we will try and get as close to the graphic as we can get.

Description:  Goat's Milk - Glitter - Magic!   

Some mermaid info...

Ode to Sea

Since our bodies are made primarily of water, it's not a shock some people feel a compulsive desire to jump ship and swim fearlessly through the vast oceans. Mermaids can signify this particular sweet freedom of life, helping us pay tribute to our primordial home. By singing her song, the mermaid beckons us to return to the calm (and at times turbulent) water, and seems to promise our protection if we follow. How enticing.

However, on occasions, mermaids can also bring good fortune by giving humans cures or granting them wishes. In some tales, they even marry and live with humans. For example, the Merrow of Ireland and Scotland.

These mermaids are beautiful, gentle, modest and kind. They wear a red cap and, if this is captured and hidden from them, they will shed their skins and stay on land. However, most times they eventually retrieve the cap and return to the sea. They also lure young men to follow them beneath the waves. Here they live in an enchanted state. Merrow music is often heard coming from beneath the waves.