Pink Grapefruit Body Butter Souffle...
Top of the line skin care product...  For Professional & Home Use

PRICE:  C$24.00 / RETAIL:  C$36.00 - 227 g / 8.0 oz.
CODE:  ATS-116-A  

PRICE:  C$12.00 / RETAIL:  C$18.00 - 113 g / 4.0 oz.
CODE: ATS-116-B 

Decadent - Ultra Thick... thick as butter - You use less!
Highest quality body butter in stock!
A little goes a long way!

This is a professional spa product generally only sold only at high-end spas.

Great for normal to the most extreme of dry and parched skin...

Thick and Luxurious. Achieve silky and velvety soft skin - Enriched with 5 Botanical Flower Extracts.

No Fillers or Thickeners - Just a great combination of skin softening oils.

This is a very thick and rich formulation for a super softening body experience.

Lightly Grapefruit scented - does not over-whelm your senses.  Wait 5-10 minutes for full absorption.  Softens your driest and parched areas.  Lasts and lasts and lasts...!

Contains 5 Botanical Flower Extracts:
- Calendula
- Chamomile
- Rose
- Elder Flower

Included is an Information Flyer with detailed body butter usage and massage application.