Rosehip Oil & Rosewood (Natural Blend) - Facial Oil Blend
...  Skin Care at it's best!

PRICE:  C$22.99 / RETAIL:  C$24.99 - 15 ml Amber Bottle

A nourishing blend of 100% Pure Rosehip Organic Oil from Chile + Rosewood Essential Oil.

Lightly scented - High in Essential Fatty Acids - Good for Lines, Wrinkles, and Scars.  Superb skincare and healing properties!

Use Daily - Great for all Skin Types (except oily).
Improves Skin Firmness & Elasticity!

Nourishing and Softening - Great as an evening facial oil - Under Eye wrinkle fighter - and a great treatment for your hands, nails, and ends of your hair!

Known world-wide as an aid in promoting tissue regeneration... your skin will feel soft, fresh and renewed.